Ill Biskits – A Better Day Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Now this is how it is to wake up with your pockets tapped out, you’re ass out
It’s nowhere to turn, you get burned
You wanna see the sun but all you get is rainy weather
Word life kid, things can only get better
You’re fresh out the beast, no peace on your earth
Searching for the end of the rainbow it gets worse
No occupation without an education
You’re facing expiration in a six-foot location
Life is building stress on your brain
Every other day you find it harder to maintain
But you gotta for your seeds’ sake don’t break
Stay strong for your queen, kid, it won’t be long
Till you overcome to obstacles stopping you from prospering
No more five to ten bids up at Sing Sing
And life gets no easier, you gotta see your way to resist temptation
Cause soon there’ll be a better day

Even though the skies is grey around your way
You’re looking for a better day
In due time the sun will shine around your way
Yeah, you’re looking for a better day

Even though the skies is grey around your way
You’re looking for a better day
In due time the sun will shine around your way
You’re looking for a better day

[Verse 2]
Once again ? I see, I can see
The dirty nine months down the line, it’s hard to believe
But that’s what’s going on in this crazy world today
You got cats who wanna lay back and make babies
But when it comes time to be a father
Dad just flips the script screaming that he don’t wanna be bothered
You’re left with one breath and a starving seed
I feed em knowledge instead of the devil’s trickery
Now you fall into a section with eight dreams
Farewell to your goals, I’m sympathetic to your needs
No roof over your head, no family
They warned you about the nigga, he was mad sneaky
Now there’s a pretty price to pay
What can I say? It hits me in my heart that way
You’re down and out in the ghetto contemplating letting go of life
But who’s gonna take care of you know?
Stay strong yo, try to get yourself together
I promise you there will be days that’s much better


[Verse 3]
Last but not least is the story of my life
Straight zero, a loser who wants to be a hero
I gotta save myself before I can sacrifice
Saving your life cause I ain’t living right
Why trust me? I got problems, abusing substances
Alcoholism, I’m chasing girls with big breastesess
Hanging with them kids down the hall in the group home
I’m twenty deep but yet I still feel alone
I gotta stop depending on the bottle for the answers
Before I end up in AA battling cancer
But now my eyes can see the pain in the black community
It seems though there ain’t no unity
Gun play today results in thoughtless killings
Innocent little shorties turning into ruthless villains
Now who’s to blame for the game that we play?
Tighten up y’all, tomorrow is a better day


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