Mandy Patinkin – Children And Art Lyrics

You would have liked him
Mama, you would
Mama, he makes things
Mama, they’re good
Just as you said from the start
Children and art
Children and art

He should be happy
Mama, he’s blue
What do I do?

You should have seen it
It was a sight
Mama, I mean it
All color and light
I don’t understand what it was
But, Mama, the things that he does
They twinkle and shimmer and buzz

You would have liked them
It… Him… Henry? Henry?

It’s George, grandmother

Ah, of course it is
I thought you were your father for a moment
Did I ever tell you who that was?

That is your mother

That is correct

Isn’t she beautiful?
There she is
There she is
There she is
There she is
Mama is everywhere
He must have loved her so much

This is our family, this is the lot
After I go, this is all that you’ve got, honey
Isn’t she beautiful, though?

You would have liked her
Mama did things
No one had done

Mama was funny, Mama was fun
Mama spent money, when she had none
Mama said, “Honey, mustn’t be blue
It’s not so much ‘do what you like’
As it is that you ‘like what you do’”
Mama said, “Darling
Don’t make such a drama
A little less thinking, a little more feeling”
I’m just quoting Mama

The child is so sweet
And the girls are so rapturous
Isn’t it lovely how artists can capture us?

You would have liked her
Honey, I’m wrong
You would have loved her

Mama enjoyed things
Mama was smart
See how she shimmers?
I mean, from the heart
I know, honey, you don’t agree
But this is our family tree
Just wait ’til we’re there, and you’ll see
Listen to me
Mama was smart
Listen to Mama
Children and art
Children and art

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