Tunde Olaniran – The Highway Lyrics

All the promises get made
I’m under the road they paved
I hope it’s worth the rent you pay
Too low to take the high way

[Verse 1:]
They googlin, ooglin ruins
Brewing ensuing illusions
Of tree farms
New cars
Whole foods
Sports bars
Where nobodies pants’ll be saggin
Don’t let nobody with hats in
Don’t drink the water we frackin
They paid; why not be happy?
Kidnapped the sap and we napping
Don’t question how we get backing
Corporate interests are something
That we should never be lacking
Don’t need us here so a cell
Is perfect since freedom’s for sale
And slavery’s over but hell
A field’s not as clean as a jail

[Verse 2:]
They parachute in contenders
They gentrification vendors
RFP for images rendered
Capitalistic ventures
Frisking and searching and seizing
Red cuz the budget that’s bleeding
Readin how their farms could be feeding
But all they can get is a meeting
Boot on the neck of the lamb
Ruthless killer; son of sam
Wham bam ma’am
Now you in a jam with the deed
Coming up short like a dwarf in capris
Next door, they in the same skillet
They cheat the deck and then deal it
They own the news so they chillin
Turn my neighbors to villains

[Verse 3:]
Buffalo Plaid and henley
Welcome them cuz they gentry
Hard bangs speak gently
Yo art get no entry
I rent but they own that
They white but still like rap
That zeitgeist they roadmap
We off punk we on trap
I’m broke but the bank’s got some dough they loan me tho
Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan the new colonial
Powers, get all the welfare that they wanna
Does that make them John Smith? Does that make me Pocahontas?

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