Toto – Spanish Steps Lyrics

The first time I saw her
She was wearing scarves of white
That little spark between us
Took only seconds to ignite
And then it occurred to me
But suddenly I was standing there alone
On the Spanish steps of Rome

I kept searching through the alleys
Searching through the Catacombs that night
I closed my eyes and threw a coin into the fountain
She was nowhere in sight
I wandered through the Holy City
Like a beggar beneath the moonlit dome
Near the Spanish steps of Rome

I heard a voice as I looked through my fingers
And saw the old Monseigneur
He gave me his blessing, but then he said to me
“Don’t try and please her”
And then I heard her singing
Like some diva perched upon her throne
On the Spanish steps of Rome

Now I know I should have listened
When he warned me, he warned me not to follow
I noticed that the statue’s eyes
Were all sunken and hollow
Well, she let those young wolves do their dirty deeds
While she lay inside her home
On the Spanish steps of Rome
On the Spanish steps of Rome

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