Fleshgore – Twisted Reality Lyrics

When you’re proud of your country
And able to give your life for that
Are you smart enough to think over
Why are you doing that way?

When waking up every morning
And thinking at first – what to eat
Not knowing whether you be so lucky
To end this day and make a feat

You think that it should be that way
You know about your role in all that stuff
But doesn’t it seem like social decay
Controlled by those – who tear us apart

What is self-improvement?!

What is the price for your life?
Worth it being brought to the state?
What are the rules of society?
Can one choose or its “simple” fate?

People make wars in the name of the god
Bosses reminding themselves – they have slaves!
It’s like a film where computer became the lord of the world
In this case authority is at the same place

Slaughter follows mankind all the time
Despite all optimistic thoughts and words
Pity that it’s not gonna be so fine
When humanity will reach its deadline!

Ain’t it seem like the same algorithm?!

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