Soulchef – I Just Wanna See Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Hey yo, the crowd spins for KO, hip-hop be my J.O
Rappers lying on flows, sounding like hoes
They overexposed
Most of their skills is limited
Incriminating themselves on record
While I spit that different shit
But don’t be surprised when it’s your door they kicking in
When all they needed was a CD for evidence
Niggas be rapping about connects they be f**king with
Back in the day you would get killed for that dumb shit
A new day, a new rule for you new fools
Niggas be flipping packs and be thinking they so cool
Won’t become a statistic, because that’s what the world’s used to
I’m gonna keep pumping this music, try to make myself useful
Not commercial, rap circles around you
You ain’t got to act like a clown if there ain’t no circus around you
You ain’t got to prove shit to me, because I probably won’t doubt you
To tell you the truth dog, I don’t give a f**k about you, for real

[Hook x4]
What’s your name
KO the Knockout
And I just wanna see if you still rocking with me

[Verse 2]
You can run out of words, but not expression
And you can still learn a lot, without a lesson
And you can still run your block without a weapon
But you probably way more respected with some protection
And I wasn’t concerned about the election
Because now they’re elected, you’ll see who they’re really helping
Yeah, it’s like my life’s a conspiracy
I try to fight it but society’s trapping me
Whether I’m flipping burgers or I’m working in factories
None of that shit means more than the music inside of me
So artists listening, I’m hoping you rival me
Keep your mind open, I’m about to take you on this odyssey
This is my shot like photography

You got to see the way we break your words like apostrophes
It got to be Marchitect, KO, Soulchef on the beat
Get the beat and lay low

[Hook x4]

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