Grease Prequel Summer Lovin’ Gains Director

Grease Prequel Summer Lovin’ Gains Director
July 21, 2020
David Gonzalez
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While first reported a while back, there was little traction since regarding the prequel to Grease. Things took a turn on Monday as Paramount’s Grease prequel Summer Lovin’ is revving up its engine, as Paramount has hired the films director.

The studio has brought in Brett Haley to direct the film while Leah McKendrick has written the script with Temple Hill and Picturestart producing.

The original iconic 1978 musical classic starred John Travolta as

“Danny and Olivia Newton-John as good girl Sandy, high school teens who after having a brief summer fling come to find out they are attending the same high school. Even though they come from opposite ends of the world, the two try to make their relationship work while singing now-iconic songs that still resonate today.”

One of the songs, “Summer Nights,” details the summer fling that started their relationship, and Summer Lovin will detail the meeting of Danny and Sandy.

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