Disney Eyeing Release Date Change For Black Widow & Soul

Disney Eyeing Release Date Change For Black Widow & Soul
September 16, 2020
David Gonzalez
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As studios continue to shift their end of year film release date calendar, Disney may be aiming at doing the same. The mouse company is considering a change in the release date for Marvel’s Black Widow. A potential replacement that is being rumored would alter Marvel’s calendar completely as February  12th, is the release-day of The Eternals.

Another highly anticipated film may be making the move to the small screen rather than a complete change of date.  Disney/Pixar’s Soul may be making its way to Disney+. The animated film is rumored to be a huge player in the Oscar race for animated feature and with the guideline change for eligibility at the Academy Awards next year, a shift to the small screen would be welcomed.

These recent changes may stem from Tenet’s box office performance. While it’s grossed 200 million worldwide, the film only grossed $6.7M during its second domestic weekend.

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