Batman: The Animated Series Sequel Series Rumored For HBO Max

Batman: The Animated Series Sequel Series Rumored For HBO Max
January 20, 2021
David Gonzalez
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8) Batman: The Animated Series

HBO Max continues to gain steam as there is a rumor that one of the greatest animated series of all time may be on the way back. Batman: The Animated Series, an influential show for many is rumored to have a sequel series in the works. In a recent episode of Fatman Beyond, Kevin Smith and co-host Marc Bernardin teased that Warner Bros. is considering developing a sequel series to Batman: The Animated Series.

Marc Bernardin stated,

“The rumor is that HBO Max is looking at making a Batman: The Animated Series sequel, that they want to continue that forward.”

While Bernardin was speaking, Smith added,
 “I don’t think that’s a rumor, I wouldn’t say ‘Set your watch to it,’ but it’s an idea whose time is not only coming, I think it came, and it’s smoking a cigarette. I think that’s gonna happen. How f**king amazing would that be because you can just literally pick up and keep going. It’s not like, ‘oh we gotta explain why everyone’s older,’ it’s f**king animation man so you can go right back to those amazing fucking stories.”

While only a rumor, this seems a no brainer for HBO as the streaming service has become a hub for DC and their properties.

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