Anna Kendrick to Star in Alice, Darling

Anna Kendrick to Star in Alice, Darling
July 13, 2021
David Gonzalez
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Anna Kendrick has signed on for quite the role!

The star has landed the lead role for Alice, Darling, a psychological thriller from director Mary Nighy and Lionsgate.

The news first reported by The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Kendrick plays Alice,

who is behaving strangely, keeping secrets about her mercurial boyfriend (Charlie Carrick) and her two best friends (Wunmi Mosaku and Kaniehtiio Horn). Lionsgate is partnering with Babe Nation Films, Elevation Pictures and Castelletto Films on Alice, Darling, which is now shooting in Canada.

The script is written Alanna Francis and the film is produced by Katie Bird Nolan, Lindsay Tapscott, Christina Piovesan and Noah Segal; and executive produced by Kendrick and Sam Tipper-Hale. Nighy said in a statement:

“Alice, Darling is a subtle, nuanced story about coercion and control. As a director, I couldn’t wish for a better cast of talented actors and creatives to bring this important story to life. The chemistry between Anna Kendrick, Wunmi Mosaku, and Kaniehtiio Horn as the three friends is a joy to see.”

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