Loki Season Finale Pulls In Record Audience For Disney+

Loki Season Finale Pulls In Record Audience For Disney+
July 20, 2021
David Gonzalez
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2) Loki

Along with setting up the future of the MCU, Loki was nothing short of hit for Disney. After Loki scored the best series premiere for Disney+ and the Marvel Cinematic Universe over five days with 2.5 million households, Samba TV reported Monday that the season finale pulled in 1.9 million U.S. households from July 14-18. The numbers beats both the season finales of Disney+/Marvel’s WandaVision (1.4M U.S. HHs in its first five days) and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (1.7M U.S. HHs).

Loki‘s season finale also repped a five-day high in the UK (300K HHs), Germany (96K HHs) and Australia (12K HHs) for a Disney+/MCU series, outstripping the Season 1 endings of WandaVision (UK 209K, Germany 42K, Australia 7K) and Falcon and the Winter Soldier (UK 254K, Germany 78K, Australia 10K) measured over their respective first five days.

Samba TV also reports that the Loki season-finale audience skewed younger (54 and younger) and Caucasian (+5%). Of the top 25 largest DMAs in the U.S., Portland, OR over-indexed the most (+44%), followed by Seattle (+18%) and Phoenix (+10%). In the UK, the South East over-indexed the most (+21%), followed by Wales (+12%). And in Germany, Schleswig-Holstein over-indexed the most (+18%), followed by Berlin (+17%) for Loki.

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