185: 25 Years of Space Jam

185: 25 Years of Space Jam
July 21, 2021
Jen Gonzalez
Reel Chronicles, Reel Talk Inc

Reel Chronicles

In honor of the debut of Space Jam: A New Legacy last week, Dave, Leo, and Ryan take a look at the original – a nostalgia-filled childhood classic on its 25th birthday – Space Jam. Does it still hold up? Has Ryan ever seen it? Listen and find out.

0:00 – 1:03:45:

  • News
    • Antonio Banderas Joins Cast of Indiana Jones 5
    • A24 Explored a Sale for $3 Billion
    • Loki Renewed for Season 2
    • Jennifer Carpenter Returning for Dexter Revival
    • The Suicide Squad First Reactions
    • James Gandolfini Paid $3 Million to Not Replace Michael Scott in The Office
    • Emmy Nominations
  • What We Watched

1:03:46 – 1:37:39:

  • Space Jam Turns 25

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